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100 days of Raspberry Pi server

April 18, 2016 — Krzysztof Jankowski

Our main web server - the Raspberry Pi B - celebrates 100 days of constant running! It serves much longer but after adding real UPS to it I never restarted it since. And today during maintanance work on I type 'uptime' just for curiosity.

One hundred days

Yes, Raspberry Pi @raspbarian is very, very stable. It serves only few PHP/HTML light pages. But still it's impressive to see this little computer doing it's job well done. All without any hassle.

To celebrate this event I did the full backup! Guess when was the last time I did one ;) But it was not an ordinary backup - I did an image of the entire SD card on-the-fly. Image was writing to the external SD card of another Raspberry Pi.. and in the end pushed to the Dropbox. I read this article about this method. It runs flawlessly.

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