One 💾 Floppy Videos

Welcome to Krzysztof's Floppy Disk Video Collection

I have always been fascinated by floppy disks and their nostalgic charm. KKJ with floppies As a way to combine my love for floppy disks and movies, I've decided to compress trailers from my favorite films so they can fit onto a single 1.44MB floppy disk. This unique approach allows me to create a physical collection of movie trailers stored on floppies, making it a truly special and personal hobby.

On this website, you'll find my compressed video collection, each carefully crafted to fit onto a single floppy disk. Browse through and enjoy the fusion of modern movies and vintage storage media!

💾 Tropical Heat Trailer

AV1 (libaom), 00:02:26, 120x90px, 1.4 MiB (1,433,367), CFR:29

💾 Pi Trailer

AV1 (libaom), 00:01:36, 160x90px, 1.3 MiB (1,392,440), CFR:14

💾 Pulp Fiction Trailer

AV1 (libaom), 00:02:16, 144x90px, 1.4 MiB (1,428,853), CFR:20

💾 There Will Be Blood Trailer

AV1 (libaom), 00:02:12, 210x90px, 1.4 MiB (1,426,567), CFR:23