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Hello. My name is Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski also known as w84death. I'm a professional Game Developer and Digital Artist. I started programming 25 years ago on a DOS PC using QBASIC. Computers and languages change but I'm still enjoying this thrill of creation.

I'm a big advocate for Open Source and freedom of choice. I use GNU/Linux exclusively on all my computers and servers. And I got quite of them. Starting from every possible revision of Raspberry Pi ending on homelab IBM servers.

In terms of organizing work, I'm a big fan of Agile and Scrum methodology. I'm used to working in sprints, managing tasks, organizing and, hosting ceremonies. I'm kind of a scrum master in that way.

In 2020 I started my own company - Cyfrowy Nomada. In a nutshell, I sell my experience, skills and, knowledge. The ultimate goal for the company is to provide those values without any compromise while working fully remotely.

For my current, exclusive client - beffio - I'm doing all the IT advisory, implementing Scrum while keeping work done as Scrum Master, and leading game engine development.

Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski Photo

Current Projects

I experiment a lot. Furthermore, I like to keep work on few long-lasting projects. I came back to them in a random fashion. Here is the current list.

Quake Mapping Windows/PC

I'm recreating our /beffio/ office space in a deathmatch map. Additionally writing a simple primer on TrenchBroom while progressing with the layout. The first part of the map is almost ready. Expect a two-part article.

beffio_dm map

Story Driven Game Interpreter QBASIC/MSDOS

The game engine was made from scratch on a DOS computer. The engine is stable and ready for a static story. I want to add randomization with a little different story on each play.

VolleyBay Godot/PC

After a long break, I'm going back to make a proper sequel to our highly liked game Paradise Volley. Few first props and experimental test scenes in blender exist. Let's call it a pre-production state.

Game Development

Making games is a dream for many. I was determined to make it real. In 2014 I started my own indie studio and began making a ton of small games and prototypes. Over the years I learn enough to join a professional studio and embrace the production side of development.


I founded P1X, an indie game development studo. Along with a few friends we're creating games and participating in many game jams.

We made few flagship games that made us recognizable. Most iconic is Tanks of Freedom a turn-based strategy game. Notable mentions are Bit Wars and Piradice.

Those days we slow down in team development. But CzlowiekImadlo is still working on the ToF 3D. And I spend the most time doing proprietary games.

We are included in the The game industry of Poland Report.

My old presentation about pixel art and game development.


My old dream of becoming a professional game developer become true. In 2020 U started my own company Cyfrowy Nomada (Digital Nomad) and got a contract with beffio as a senior game engine developer. I do more than that but coding is my main skill.


As soon as I discover computers I tried to made graphics on them. Once I have a color monitor it became my new obsession. I got Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and it opened a new world of possibilities. For more than 10 years it was my main tool.

From programmer to artist I changed curses twice. All this to marge when I learned shaders and 3D graphics in general.

Nowadays I do not use Adobe stuff anymore. I migrated to GNU/Linux 100%. Now for desktop publishing and photo manipulation GIMP, Inkscape, and Gravit Designer are my best friends. And for 3D graphics, I fall in love with Blender. I got a powerful Dell with an NVIDIA RTX card and started to learn Blender seriously.

Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski with a pipe

Digital Art

Most part of my artistic career I spend making layouts of a different sort. Mostly web pages. To this day I do it for fun and friends. Now the focus shifted more to the posters/ads space. But it is still a marge of art and DTP.

When I started making games I needed graphics for them. I discovered that I'm quite good at making Pixel Art. Nowadays I moved to 3D but the old skills are still useful.

Since I got my first RTX card I started making 3D games and 3D graphics for them. I learned how to make awesome shaders and optimize my meshes for game engines. To sharpen my skills I'm making a tone of small side projects focused on some idea or new blender technology.

My best blender works are presented here. You can follow my ArtStation profile.

Besides, a ray-tracing enabled card I also have a Wacom Cintiq 16 graphics tablet and Eizo monitor.


I started my filmmaking journey back in high school with the entry-level Sony camcorder. I use it for documenting abandoned places we visit. I also made some short indie films alone and with friends. It was just an episode in my creative life.

Then I discovered the Sony VX2100 - a semi-professional camera from 2003. It is the legendary camera for all the skateboarders. I bought one from a retired wedding photographer and started another chapter. I fall in love with the image quality that came from this camera. It is perfect.

While I was at Tenerife I got my first drone. It was fun and all but I shortly shifted to the FPV flying :)


One year ago I discovered what racing drones are. When I saw the first whoop I know I need this in my life. Now I own a 2.5" racing drone and spend enough hours in the air to call myself an FPV pilot.

Becoming a good drone pilot is a long but exciting journey. I wanted to document it for my own and for others to inspire them. I created a dedicated page about my FPV hobby. I also learn a lot and write my thoughts about the hardware and learning tips. If your new and want to see what you need, how to learn tricks, or fix your first drone I think you'll find many useful FPV pieces of information on my blog.

drone pilot


Why is cooking so common in the hacker community? I think it's the thrill of discovering new recipes and sharing them with others. Trying to "hack" the dish for their own tastes. In every programming book for beginners, there's always a reference to recipe and cooking as an allegory for source code and compiling.

During the 2020 lockdown situation, I was forced to invent on all fronts. One of them was food preparation. With fewer resources and the need for a healthy diet, I started to cook new things. That way I invented dishes that I serve to this day and became a master of my own.

If I would recommend one it would be Rice Pancakes As Bread Replacement. I still update this page from time to time as I refine the recipes or discover something completely new.

If you're hungry enough and like vegan, sugar-free meals read more.

Me with a pan

Cool Stuff

I would not call myself a hacker if I wouldn't be obsessed with all the computers and software running on them. If I can program on something, make something better, or just customized it for my needs - I will.

This section needs an update.

In the Tenerife Wilderness

Micro Computers

The idea that you can have a fully working computer for $5 that is smaller than a creadit card is still mind blowing to me. I learned a little bit of electronic using Arduino.

I learn Linux from using first Raspberry Pi. I then use almost all of the revisions and made many projects on it some are documented.

In Japan kids in schools learns programming on IchigoJam. Super simple one board computer that runs BASIC interpreter. I it, it is awesome and I made a few things on it.

Using ESP8266 I'm hosting a web page that is still online.


It all started as a set of Raspberry Pi's. Those were working perfectly fine for a few years. After I learned the basics of Linux and Apache I wanted to do more using Docker. This requied more powerfull hardware.

Today I own and admin two IBM ServerX rack computers. One for web hosting using Docker and home media center with industrial 40" NEC and Microlab Stereo. The older is providing Network Attached Storage.

I also host one page on a small microcontroller as experiment. As a computer with 80 MHz with 32KiB RAM no bigger than a finget nail it works pritty well.

Back To Basics

I like old hardware and early days of the Internet. My first OS was MS DOS. Internet was slow and most of the time I spend on IRC known as w84death. The nick sticks to this day.

Floppy disks were removeable media I used. I love them. I created a Linux distribution that fits on one.

I don't use IRC those days but I like the idea of slow social media. You can find me on


Some pages just need a place to rest. They mostly still include a lot of useful information but I just don't have time or will to update them anymore. Here lies the list of them.

Many of my old pages disappeared from the internet and my hard drives. Some are still somewhere in the backups. Some day I will restore the more interesting ones.