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I'm a founder of P1X, an indie game development studio. I love GNU/Linux, Free Software and Raspberry Pi. I like procedural generation, shaders, microcontrollers and rats.

As a programmer I started with BASIC, Pascal, C. Then moved to JavaScript, Lua, Python. I made games in Corona SDK, Love2D, ImpactJS, ThreeJS, OpenGL/C++, Pico-8. I also made a few own game engines in JS. Now I mostly using Godot Engine.

This KISS page

You may ask yourself why this page looks like this? I was inspired by I fully agree with the author. This page weights less than 10KiB and loads in ~0.1s on mobile connection. Renders almost identical on any device/browser (including w3m/links2) and it's responsive.


Long, long time ago..

In the early years, probably around 1995 I made few games in QBasic (MSDOS) on 486 PC.


Start as a game developer. My first indie games made in HTML5.


First big game and first event.


I founded P1X. And made a second big game. First keynote. Lot of hackathons.


P1X is a team now. The team made awesome game. We travel a lot showing the game.


Tanks of Freedom is getting mature. It's wildy know us one of the biggest Godot projects.


P1X concentrate on arcade games like Boctok. Pico-8 is my new favorite (fantasy) console and game engine.


I fall in love in IchigoJam. I go to FOSDEM and GodotCon! Also first GodotCon in poland. Shaders infected my brain.


I got 3D printer. I focus on shaders and demoscene.



Ask me anything. I may or may not reply.