Rusałka Ecosphere

Sample of Rusałka lake in a 5L bottle.
Study of a micro world.

About Project

The micro wrold - 5L bottle

The micro wrold - 5L bottle

This is a 5L bottle for wine. I found it on the dumpster. Taken home, cleaned, and thought about what I could do with it.

I wanted to have some life in the apartment. I recall a video about the ecosphere experiment posted on Reddit. That inspired me to follow the same path.

I get to the nearby lake. I took some mud, algae, water, and one plant. Then put it all back to the bottle ecosphere.

It was 5/31/2020 middle of the sunny day when the experiment has begun!

Rusałka Lake

Rusałka Lake #1 Rusałka Lake #2

This is the exact spot from I took the samples. It's named Rusalka lake and it's famous for our Slavic folklore.


From time to time I will do a report about the life in ecosphere. I'm not a biotanist so I can only write what I saw.

Report #3 - 06/02/2020 permalink

Lot of new copepods

Since yesterday I cant spot the copepods. But today I saw a lot of new, small once in the center of the ecosphere.

They are very small, look at the green branch - all of the white spots are them.

Report #2 - 06/01/2020 permalink

Two new creatures discovered!

One is a long thing that waves in the water. The last day it was at the bottom. Today it moves to the middle of the ecosphere. I also discovered another, smaller one of the same specie living at the bottom.

The second discovery is a regular slug. I saw it only once as it moves to the top. It moves surprisingly fast.

Report #1 - 05/31/2020 permalink

It started!

First moments of the experient. Water is still mudded. But even now I saw a first life!

Water gets transparent quite fast reveling awesome micro world. Compare water in first, second and third photos taken between 1-2h.


I try to identify all the living thing in the ecosphere.

  • Copepod EN PL

    Copepod closeup
  • Paramecium EN PL

    No photo yet
  • Some Slug

    Unendified slug
  • Unendified

    Unendified spicie