Blender Projects

Third dimensional art made in Blender.


Random themed projects. Mostly for makeing awesome shaders.

Random - The Cryptpermalink

The Crypt

Purpose of this project was to learn volumetric light. Also I wanted a nice, old wall shader. Something that will fit to an old crypt or basement. No added lights in this scene only HDRI environment background. Vase is second shader made for this scene.

Screens of the shaders walls, Vase. Discuss at Reddit thread.

Download the_crypt.blend (ZIP 2.3MB)


I choose a title and then make a world around it.

Titles - Nature permalink


With just a simple leaf and a vine I created this natural looking scene. Added a lot of lights and some water partilces. Most important thing was compositin stack. Those renders are stright from blender. I use this for most of my art now.

Discuss at Reddit thread.

Download moon.blend (ZIP 827KB)

Random - Moon permalink


Filmic like vibe. The moon is made using official NASA image (with normalmap). BUt earth is done by my shader.

Discuss at Reddit thread.

Download moon.blend (ZIP 104KB)

Titles - Water permalink


Water simulations in new Blender are awesome. Using them is not easy. I wanted to learn that. Results are quite nice but the water still don't want to listen to me and behave randomely. Lot's of errors and hours spend on baking the simulation and rendering.

Titles - Cyfrowy Nomada permalink

Cyfrowy Nomada

Nice wireframe shader for titles. Plus a study of volumetric light.

Download cyfrowy-nomada.blend (ZIP 342KB)

Titles - Colors permalink


This is more of a experiment. The background is a long twisted tube filled with animated shader.

Titles - M permalink


Foliage for covering M letter and some water.

Download m.blend (ZIP 260KB)

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I'm open for any small projects. Custom title, animation or shader.

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