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Benefits of being a Hipster

June 20, 2017 — Krzysztof Jankowski

Subtitle: Don't get in the hype of buying latest and greatest each year

Every company in the world will try to convence you that having a latest gadget in any category is a must have. That this year product is the best ever. But the next year it's the same story. I will share my story as an example.

I always wanted to have a pro video camera. I never like to use DSLR for video. And mirrorless cameras are even worse. Smartphonce are just silly. I like to use real camera. The one I can easly hold and balance in my hand. That have most important buttons in easy to access places. Semi-pro camera cost around 20K PLN ($5292). This is a huge price. So what I did?

I bought a semi-pro Sony VX2100 video camera for 1500 PLN ($397). In the time that camera was the best semi-pro camera around I has 15 years old. It cost much more than 20K back then. It was a dream to have one. Now 15 years later I have it.

And it's better than I could emagine. I am blown away of the image quality, camera build, super ergonomy in usage. And evrything works so smoothly. Even auto-focus is faster than legendary Canon 5DmkII in still mode. And at top of that all the battery holds for 850 minutes of work. 14 hours of operation. This is insane in todays world standards.

The only downside it have: SD resolution. Do not think as SD quality. No. It's super, almost film like footage but rendered on 560i frame. It sounds like very little. But in reality the most important part is always the content. And adding to it superb colors and low-light capabilities I get very nice image of it. Then I blow it up to 720p and it looks as the movie on DVD. Do you remember those? The same hype as today 4K. But we all watch those videos online (more compression) and on small screens. Smartphones and small portable laptops. In eader way SD quality is still enough.

So what about this super sharp 4K? I will test that in another 10 years. When I can get Sony semi-pro camera just taking some money from monthly paycheck. Because more than megapixels I love just making that damn videos! To master the skill 10 years will be not enough. So why bother about pixels and just concentrate on good lighting and composition.

And the conclusion is that in todays world nobody will quesion my camera choice. Evryone just thinks it's a hipster thing and they even like the "SD quality". It's a win-win situation.

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