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Updated Software and Hardware Stack

December 10, 2016 — Krzysztof Jankowski

Over the years I'm changing hardware and software to create my perfect setup. Hardware those days are not changing that fast. Today 5 year old computer is more than good. But software is rapidly updating and new created. Also my switch to Linux makes this even more dynamic as I yet not know everything and still learning this awesome OS.


  • Dell Rugged Extreme (7204) i5/8GB/256 SSD/touch screen
  • Dell P1914S (5:4, 1280x1024)
  • Vortex Pok3r (mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Browns)
  • Kensington Orbit (trackball)

This did not change. It's still the best laptop I own. I can use it in the shower (water proof) or throw it to the ground (shock proof). And the Pok3r keyboard with brown switches is superb. I do a lot of coding/writing and can't see doing this without mechanical keyboard.

  • Sonim 3300 (rugged phone)
  • FiiO X3 (HiFi music player)
  • Grado SR 80e (headphones)

I don't need smartphone - I have enough computers around me. And I need rugged phone. Sonim is one of the best and it's indestructible. As of music I'm a little audiophile and FiiO/Grado gives me the best sound I can imagine.


As hardware stays the same I can't say this about the software.


  • Fedora 25


  • Vivaldi (web)
  • Terminal with tmux
  • Vim/gVim (code/writing)
  • rsync (files sync)
  • Syncthing (backup/sync)
  • gFTP (sftp)
  • CherryTree (notes)
  • Quod Libet (music player)
  • digiKam (photos)
  • GIMP (graphics)
  • Aseprite (pixelart)


  • Tutanota (mail)
  • Google Mail HTML version (mail)
  • Discord (IM)
  • Facebook Messenger (IM)
  • YouTube (video)
  • Gaia TV (video)
  • Reddit (news)
  • Slashdot (news)
  • Allegro (shopping)
  • Aliexpress (shopping)
  • Bandcamp (music)
  • Digitally Imported (music)

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