Project Falco

Falco is a synonymous name for a tiny hawk bird from 1970

Bring new life and awesome look to your favorite drone using this custom 3D printed body!

About Project

Classic TinyHawk is a perfect first FPV drone. Unfortunately is known to have faulty motor connectors. They got loose after some time. This can be fixed but requires a new frame and canopy with easy access to the electronics for soldering.

That's how this project began.

Main goal is to create the best possible frame + canopy for EMAX TinyHawk drone.

Design ๐Ÿงช



The canopy protects the precious electronics. It makes the aircraft more aerodynamic. Lastly it makes it look cool. It was designed for easy assembly. Includes holes for camera, antennas, USB port, and easy screwing.



The frame is the most important part. It needs to be robust but still light. It was originally designed by Bludz FPV. I remixed his design making motor assembly holes easier to use and not blocking motor rotation.

Battery & Landing Gear

Battery & Landing Gear

For easy liftoff and land I made those landing gears. They also hold a battery. Use velcro strap to keep cables away from propellers.


Assembly is very easy. All you need is four M2.5mm screws. Three short for battery holder and rear canopy attachment. One longer for front that also blocks camera for falling inside.

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Blender Project