FPV TinyHawk Pilot
Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski

Each day with a grounded drone is a lost opportunity to be a better pilot.

About me

Krzzysztof Krystian Jankowski with TinyHawk drone

My name is Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski. I am known on the web as w84death.

I'm a web and game developer and 3D artist. In 2020 I discovered drone racing and a very small vehicles known as Micro Air Vehicle. The new hobby begins.

I started with DJI Tello but it was more of a flying camera. Then I got TinyHawk RTF combo and started FPV flying. Since then I'm addicted and the concept took me by storm. I just love to fly. I'm a big fan of TinyHawk... drones.

Flying FPV in Acro mode is not an easy task. But learning to master it is very satisfying. I created this page to document my progress. I hope it will make you interested in the hobby and keep motivated to keep learning.

My Gear

I started with just a Emax TinyHawk RTF combo with 1 battery :) And I still recommend this as a best starting point.
Over time I upgraded my gear to this setup. It fits perfectly to my flying style.


  • TinyHawk II Race Thumbnail

    EMAX TinyHawk II Race

    Best quad for it's size!
    Changed to XT30 connector. New VTX antenna.Applied conformal coating.

    Gift from Joshua Bardwell :)
  • Jumper T12 Pro Thumbnail

    Jumper T12 Pro Hall

    Super nice, wrapped in carbon fiber, extremely precise and smooth hall gimbals.
    OpenTX firmware and can be used in simulators on a PC.

    Gift from my Mom :)
  • Skyzone Sky02c Thumbnail

    Skyzone SKY02C

    Superb quality goggles. Big, clear screens. Good reception and DVR. Very comfortable. Fit perfectly for my European face.

    Got it from Sanata :)



DVR FPV Videos

Those videos are here to show my learning curve. I keep training as much as I can. Mostly each day. I wish to motivate any new pilots to do the same. Stay safe and keep the drone in the air!

Newest videos are on the left. Scroll right for archive.

2021 / TinyHawk II Race

During winter days I spend some time in simulators. My skill got better.
I finally got the end game setup (for a 2.5" drone).

Skyzone SKY02c DVR

2020 / TinyHawk II Race

Three Packs a Day project. Each (sunny) day I fly all my battery packs to practice.
One 2s pack (with XT30 mod) gives me around 5mins of fly time.

Skyzone SKY02c DVR

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Eachine ROTG02 DVR

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2020 / TinyHawk Classic

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Drone photos

Newest photos are on the left. Scroll right for archive.

TinyHawk 2 Race

Drone Pilot

TinyHawk Classic Era

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Project CineHawk Poster

My dream of a micro cine drone based on TinyHawk II Race.

Go to dedicated page about CineHawk

Project Falco

Project Falco Poster

Bring new life and awesome look to the TinyHawk drone using custom 3D printed frame and canopy.
Grab free STL and Blender files for your drone.

Go to dedicated page about Project Falco

FPV Playground

Project FPV Playground Poster

Small set of 3D printable tiny tabletop drone racing track. Tiny gates, pylons flags and drones. Plan your racetrack at the desk.

Go to dedicated page about FPV Playground

Links to social media & stuff

All the places where I share my stuff, discuss with others and get useful information/software.



Simulators (proffesional controller requied)