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Krzzysztof Krystian Jankowski with TinyHawk drone

└──[ Sunday, April 26, 2020

I started using simulators with FPV FreeRider[1]. It's very nice for its price
but overall to simple. Then I bought an official simulator from Drone Racing
League[2]. The DRL Simulator is available on Steam[3] for ~$9 (I paid 35,99PLN).
 With mixed feelings at the start after a few hours with it I got hooked for

The first flys with it were complete failures. Physics are super realistic and
it's hard to get used to. I chose 3" class as this is one step up from
TinyWhoops and easiest to fly. I couldn't hit any gates nor made a lap without
constantly crashing. That was a hard realization after getting quite good at
the FreeRider sim. But I played more and try to get the feeling off the new

After just 5 hours with the sim I could fly around over the trees and hit bigger
 gates. I get used to the weight of the drone - turning or stopping when you
 gain the speed is super hard for beginners.

The next logical step was to take some racing practice. I started with the
easiest and short track. It reassembles an 8 number. With two wide curves and
big gates. After the first finished race I got the information that I'm 350-ish
on the leaderboard. That was a very bad run just first I got finished. Then
after a few tries later I got to the 155th spot! It was that moment when I
decided to get to the top 100th place. Race after race I got better. Crashed a
lot after being too aggressive on the curves or just missed the gate. In the
end I secured 105th place. It was too late at that moment to try harder but I
still was quite happy with the results. It was my first racing experience.
That leaderboard and constantly trying to be better, finish the race faster
by a second. This experience sold me a DRL simulator.

There are also awesome freestyle maps. Real-life and futuristic. Easy and
capable editor to put props exactly as you want. A lot of maps created by the
community. Lastly the exact same tracks that pro pilots fly at competitions!

UPDATE: Next evening I got back to that track. After few tryouts I finally
got to the #98th place! :)

[1] https://fpv-freerider.itch.io/fpv-freerider
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_Racing_League
[3] https://store.steampowered.com/app/641780/

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