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Krzzysztof Krystian Jankowski with TinyHawk drone

└──[ Saturday, April 18, 2020

Flying a micro drone is hard at the beginning. It doesn't have any AI assistance
 other than keeping the horizon straight. No obstacle avoidance. It flyes
 exactly how the pilot moves the sticks on the controller. That's both good
 and bad.

My first days with TinyHawk was filled with constant crashes. But slowly I
getting better and better. I thought that many peoples will come to the same
problems and challenges. I wanted to help others while learning myself.

Lastly I wanted to have a history of my progress. A place where I can point to
in the future and show that to be good you need to practice. And anyone started

That's why this page was created. I hope you find something useful and stay
inspired to keep flying!

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