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Krzzysztof Krystian Jankowski with TinyHawk drone

└──[ Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Since last weeks many things have changed. Covid is practycaly over. I can go 
to the park to lay on the hammock without any problem. On the other hand my 
resurrected TinyHawk broke agan. This time it's more serious - one of the ESC 
is not giving enough power to the motor. It's not quite dead but this makes 
the quad unstable and unable to use full power of all four engines.

In the mine time I started dedicated page for 3d printed parts for TinyHawk 
electronics as a Project Falco[1]. I designed new canopy. It is quite heavy 
so after few tests I made a super light alternative. But that was the moment 
that ESC broke and the project is on hold. I need to buy new FC.

Another project I started is FPV Playground[2]. It is a small set of 3D 
printable tabletop props for drone racing. Tiny gates, flags and drones. 
You can use the set to Plan your race track ahead. Or give it to a kid to spark
 the inspiration to become a fpv pilot in the future. Overall fun staff.

I'm still waiting for the new drone but it's very close. Few days remaining!

[1] https://krzysztofjankowski.com/falco
[2] https://krzysztofjankowski.com/fpvplayground

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