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Krzzysztof Krystian Jankowski with TinyHawk drone

└──[ Sunday, December 24, 2020

    It turns out I will not test the EV100. I got something way better - Skyzone
    SKY02C. Top of the line budget goggles. They exceed all my expectations so 

    I wanted Skyzones those from the beginning. More than any FatSharks. For the 
    quality, features and looks.


    When I got them in my hands for the first time I imediately feel quality.
    The plastic, buttons and strap feels good and strong. They look like a
    futuristic goggles not some cheap toy.

    On top of that there is a superb painting using immersion printing 
    technique. I choose one with many colors. It coudl easly be put in the
    Cyberpunk game and will fit perfectly.

    Speaking of fit. The foam is comfortable and the shape of faceplate is
    made for european heads. It closes all the light gaps on my face.

    Goggles are light and the battery is on the side. This makes them easy
    to wear for a long time.


    From the other reviews i tought that the screens will be small. But they
    are way bigger than that. For me this is the maximum size (or degrees of
    view) I need. This is one of the reasons I ditched box goggles. I don't want
    to move my eyes too much just to see battery indicator (in the corner).

    Resolution is good enough for analog signal. It will be problematic for
    future digital switch but for now it's perfectly fine.    


    I realy needed a good DVR. To this day I used Eachine ROTG02 with my phone.
    It was barely usable but cheap. Good for start. 

    Thanks to SKY02C I now have automatic recording with way better quality. 
    What is most important is that now the videos will have stable fps.


    Thanks to diversity recievers and my lollipop antenna I got way better
    reception now. I only tested it indoors but the difference is significant.


    I just love to use them. With just one click (on button) I have a live feed
    from the quad and started recording. I can take off. 

    It's just fun to use them. And in the end that's what matter the most.

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