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Krzzysztof Krystian Jankowski with TinyHawk drone

└──[ Sunday, October 25, 2020


    FPV is all about connecting the pilot with its drone using a remote camera.
    You need a good camera, transmitter, receiver, and goggles. The last part
    is most important. Without good goggles, other parts will be irrelevant.

    Since I started my journey I wanted good and comfortable goggles. To this 
    day I have my box type goggles from EMAX. Very cheap and basic. I can fly
    using them but it's just not the same. They are bulky, fornt heavy, not so
    good reception and the screen is just way too big.
    The one that pro pilots use costs too much. Way more than the drone itself. 
    Like three times more. So I started to look for something less advanced
    but reasonably priced. It turns out it's not that easy.


    Every reviewer or race pilot recommends Fat Sharks. They compare other 
    goggles to those pointing out why are they superior and why I should 
but them. For a long time, I just thought that is the reality. But recently I 
    started to really analyze the market and watch amateur reviewers and causal 
    pilots. What I found opened my eyes.


    Many people enjoy way cheaper goggles and really recommends 
    them. One in particular - Eachine EV100. The exact one that all those
    professionals say is so bad.

    What do I want from goggles? They should be light, small, have good screens
    and reception while keeping the price low.

    EV100 seems to check all of those boxes. From what I learned they are the
    best you can get in that price range. And this is the key part. They are
    not the Fat Shark killers/replacement. Never meant to be. They are a very
    good goggles for less than $100. Or 1/4th of the price of a Fat Sharks.

    Eachine made an excelend looking pair. They look way better than most of the
    expensive ones. Hard to imagine but that's the reality. They look premium
    and clean. Almost like made by Apple. And I like this style. Every 
    reviewer accepts that. But from this point, I found two oposite camps.

    One camp says that EV100 are bad because they don't have a true diversity.
    They only have antenna diversity. One receiver that uses two antennas and 
    chooses the best signal from them. The other camps says that they can't
    see any difference between two receivers (like in Fat Shark) and one. And
    that Eachine has a very good reception. Good enough for me. I have a small
    drone with small antenna and having even four recievers would change 

    The screens. This is the most talks about aspects of the EV100. Everyone
    says it has very small screens. At first, I discarded those goggles because
    I thought this will be a deal breaker. But the more I dig into it I started
    to change my mind. First of all, when I saw a real honest comparison it 
    turns out that many expensive goggles have the same or little
    bigger screens. Or have 16:9 screens what I do not want. Eachine has 4:3 as
    it should be. I read that it's just a fist glance and more you use it the
    more you adjust to the size and it will not be a problem at all.
    The screen resolution and colors are very good. With that size, it's like
    retina displays. You can not see the pixels.

    I need a DVR and EV100 doesn't have one. But there is an official external
    module that fixes this and it costs around $15. So on any comparisions it 
    says a lack of DVR but it's super easy and cheap to have one. That was
    very confusing.

    Knowing all of this I started to realy want Eachine EV100. It looks more
    and more like the perfect fit for my TinyHawk. When I knwo what to expect
    I will not be disappointed. But this information was hidden for some reason.
    It looks like Fat Shark just overshadows it.

    I found many amateurs like me that were super happy with those goggles. I 
    hope I will join them soon!


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