FPV Playground

Small set of 3D printable tiny tabletop drone racing track

Tiny gates, pylons flags and drones. Plan your racetrack at the desk.

About Project

I started this project because I love micro racing drones and want to learn how to make a real product using Blender and 3D printer.

This is a tabletop playset themed as an FPV racing track. The basic set includes two drones and a few obstacles. Rules are the same as most races: whoever first ends the curse without missing any gates nor flags wins.

Download STL files. Then use any slicing software and print the set. It will print as a cutout that keeps all the pieces together. You can give it to a kid or pretend you're the kid. Now the best part — cutout elements and build your dream racing track.

It can also be used as a serious strategy assisting tool. For planning your next outdoor track. For commenting on existing tracks. Or just as a small diorama for your bench.

Easy 3D Print

Cutout Sets

Model is prepared to be super easy to print. Cutout to have them as one set to give someone.


FPV Playground SET #1

2x Drone, 1x Gate, 1x Gate Double 1x Ladder, 2x Flag with needed stands. Aproximately 2h15m time to print.

Set #2 - GATES

FPV Playground SET #2

3x Gate Single (or 1x Single, 1x Double), 2x Ladder with needed stands. Aproximately 2h time to print.

Set #3 - FLAGS

Comming soon.

What's Included

FPV Playground Real Models

First set includes everything you need for two player action. Gates and flags can be combined with connector.Double gate is just made of two single gates and a special connector.

Drones ๐Ÿš

  • Tiny Drone

    Basic Model

    This tiny drone will steal your heart.


  • Single Gate


  • Double Gate

    Gate Double

  • Ladder


  • Flag


Download Files ๐Ÿ“

STL (Zipped)