Personal Home Page, The 2024.06 Edition

Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski

Known as w84death

> Cyfrowy Nomada and P1X Founder.
> Producer at beffio.

I know how to code. Assembly, C, Pascal, JavaScript, Python, Lua.
I know how to make digital art. Pixel Art & 3D.
I know how to fly FPV racing quads.
I host everything myself.

I'm still using floppies and retro computers.

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Experience Summary

I started programming as a kid on a Intel 486 PC. It was DOS and QBASIC. Since then I made insane amount of projects related to Computer Graphics and Programming.

I'm a Professional Game Developer and Producer. Thanks to years of experience in game and IT industry I know how to create and handle small to big projects.

I manage the whole process of product design and development. From estimating the cost and man power need to delivery final product on time.

I code mostly in Python, model in Blender, and hack with AIs.

Summary (Years)

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Featured Projects

Tanks of Freedom

One of the biggest games made in the early years of Godot. Started at Global Game Jam with P1X team.

Thanks to many contributors it is multi-language and included in many system repositories (Linux, FreeBSD, Pandora, Flatpack, F-Droid).

Our biggest, most complex, and most recognizable game.

  1. ToF Homepage
  3. GitHub


I love floppies. I made my own Linux distribution that runs from just one 1.44MB floppy!

The blog post got to the front page of Hacker News. Was reviewed by Hackaday and Adafruit.

My most successful writing yet. Many people read it and made their own variants.

  1. FLOPPINUX Homepage
  2. GitHub


smolOS - a tiny and simple operating system for MicroPython giving the user POSIX-like environment to play

  1. smolOS Homepage
  2. GitHub

Professional Work

  1. Cyfrowy Nomada Company Page
  2. beffio Realtime 3D Graphics
  3. GitHub all the code


Writing & Projects

  1. smol - Personal web log 2023-current
  2. Bits - Compressed Bits Of Useful Information 2018-2022 archive
  3. Old personal weblog 2016-2018 archive

Talks (audio)

Indie Game Development

  1. P1X Indie Game Development Studio
  2. P1X games at
  3. all games code at GitHub
  4. Report The game industry of Poland Report

Homelab Resources

  1. IBM ServerX
  2. ESP8266


  1. Dzierżymir Jankowski
  2. Monika Trenerowska
  3. CzlowiekImadlo

Contact Information

Good Old E-Mail

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  2. business

Social Media & Stuff

  1. Fosstodon [view on]
  2. Twitter [archive, moved to Mastodon]
  3. GitHub
  4. RawText Club
  5. ArtStation
  6. Soundcloud
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  8. Steam


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