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Krzysztof Krystian Jankowski

Any team with good leadership can accomplish impossible tasks.

Good leaders share their knowledge and inspire others. His extensive experience of every step of the production process helps estimate and organize work. He knows how important is quality to the last detail.

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Experience Summary

I started programming as a kid on a Intel 486 PC. It was DOS and QBASIC. Since then I made insane amount of projects related to Computer Graphics and Programming.

I'm a Professional Game Developer and Project Manager. Thanks to years of experience in game and IT industry I know how to create and handle small to big projects.

I manage the whole process of product desing and development. From estimating the cost and man power need to delivery final product on time. I code in JavaScript (ThreeJS, ImpactJS), C# (Unity), GDScript (Godot) and Blueprints (Unreal Engine).

After hours I fly FPV racing drones and learing Blender to become 3D Generalist.

Summary (Years)

  • 012+ HTML5 Web Developmer
  • 008+ Self-hosting DevOps
  • 008+ Indie Game Developer
  • 007+ Senior Frontend Developer
  • 006+ Pixel Art Artist
  • 003+ 3D Generalist
  • 002+ Senior Game Developer
  • 001+ Senior Project Manager

Career Milestones


  • Created Piradice a turn-based game from scratch in pure JavaScript.
  • Created humorious and irrational game Office People for Firefox OS.




  • Created educational game You Will Type in JS.
  • Created arcade game Vostok with P1X Team. Shown on trade shows.



  • Started using Blender 2.80.
  • Trip to Tenerife of the Canary Islands.
  • 2020

    • Founded Cyfrowy Nomada.
    • Joined beffio.
    • Ported City Adventure to Unreal Engine 4 with physics-based traffic using Blueprints.
    • Created prototype FPP game The Complex Project in Godot using Qodot plugin. Levels made in TrenchBroom.


    • Create game engine from scratch in WebGL/ThreeJS for Carolina Herrera 212 game. I was also managing that project.
    • Started managing projects at beffio.
    • Created my first Linux Distribution called FLOPPINNUX that fits on 1.44MB floppy.
    • A simple, zen like puzzle game GreenWay with P1X Team in 48h GameJam.
    • Created interactive fiction game in BASIC/DOS powered by my SDGI engine.
    • First NFT sold!


    • Created DOS game CESSNA 172 recreating VoxelSpace engine for DOS using LOVEDOS.
    • Become senior project manager at beffio.

    Featured Projects


    This section will be updated in a timely manner. Expect more to come.

    Tanks of Freedom

    One of the biggest games made in the early years of Godot. Started at Global Game Jam with P1X team.

    Thanks to many contributors it is multi-language and included in many system repositories (Linux, FreeBSD, Pandora, Flatpack, F-Droid).

    Our biggest, most complex, and most recognizable game.

    screenshot from Tansk of Freedom
    Tanks of Freedom Screenshot
    • Over 39000 donwloads (only
    • 1959 commits
    • 938 stars, 136 forks at GitHub
    • Supports 7 languages
    1. ToF Home Page
    3. GitHub


    I love floppies. I made my own Linux distribution that runs from just one 1.44MB floppy!

    The blog post got to the front page of Hacker News. Was reviewed by Hackaday and Adafruit.

    My most successful writing yet. Many people read it and made their own variants.

    Real FLOPPINUX Floppy
    FLOPPINUX Floppy
    • 152 pints, 85 comments on Hacker News
    • 38 reblogs, 86 boosts, many comments on Mastodon
    • 109 stars, 7 forks at GitHub
    1. Original Post
    2. Meta page with all links
    3. Showcase on real hardware